We heard about Mouse Expedition through a friend, who is a seasoned Disneyland adventurer. After using Mouse Expedition services, she said she would never go to Disneyland without Mouse Expedition again. After taking my kids to their first Disneyland/CA Adventure trip, I full-heartedly agree that Mouse Expedition is the way to see Disneyland and CA Adventure.

We loved that our guide knew which areas of the park are less crowded, got us the Fast Track passes and was able to take into account the age range of our group- from 4- mid 70’s. It was so helpful to not have to look at the map all the time, as I would if I were on my own.

I can hands down say, that I will use Mouse Expedition every time we visit the parks.
— Kimi
Our guide navigated my family of 6 + 2 friends thru Disneyland. We had very LITTLE waits. We started our day at 8:30 am and were finished with all of the rides we wanted to ride by 2:30 pm. It was wonderful to walk off a ride, and for him to lead us to the next destination. I never once had to stop, look at a map, or figure out what was next. My entire group of 8 was able to stay together while our guide ran around the park collecting our fastpasses. Our guide joined us for lunch and we all enjoyed visiting with him. Upon his departure at 2:30 he handed us fastpasses for the three remaining rides we hadn’t done. Another bonus...he new where all the restrooms were! My kids were sad when it was time for him to go. They enjoyed asking him all sorts of Disney questions!

I was very nervous about going to Disneyland on a weekend, however Mouse Expedition made it so enjoyable that I wouldn’t think twice of returning without them. This was such an amazing and FUN experience for my entire group! Worth every penny!!!!!! Thanks to our guide for giving us such a wonderful memory of Disneyland :)
— Lisa
My only mistake was not using this service before. They have every aspect of the park memorized right down to the location of water fountains. It’s that kind of attention to detail that made our trip so wonderful. Our guide had it all figured out. Which rides and in what time and order while paying attention to our needs and desires. Shortest distance to restrooms for our 6 years old. While we’re on rides that don’t require fast passes, he’s got our tickets getting them at the next ride. The park was really busy but the longest we waited was a few minutes at one ride. We rode the best rides several times. He knew where to stand for the best least crowded view of parades and night shows. He even surprised us with the fabulous view at Adventure Land. I asked my wife what to add for this review and she said to just say it’s fabulous. I agree. This deserves 6 stars.
— Don
Mouse Expedition really is as good as it gets! Our guide was awesome...very friendly, very easy to work with and was an excellent. We booked a 5 hour tour for DCA over spring break and were extremely happy. We had a group of 10 and he was able to work the fastpass system to our advantage, we road everything we wanted to and several things twice with little or no wait.

My only regret is that we did not book them for everyday of our trip. I would highly recommend Mouse Expedition to anyone who was considering giving him a call. It made our 1st day in the parks so easy and relaxed.
— Hanna
I wasn’t able to use Mouse Expedition for a full tour, but he gave me a very detailed touring plan for my 3 days in the parks.

It was awesome.

I have experience with WDW but was getting confused on how best to navigate the parks at Disneyland. Throw in the news Carsland hoopla and I just didn’t know where to start!

Mouse Expedition sent many emails asking questions about our group and our needs. They incorporated the times we asked for breaks and meals and gave a very easy to understand time line of events for our trip.

We made a few changes due to our absolute LOVE of Carsland, but other than that followed Mouse Expedition’s touring plan to great success! Fastpassing our way across the parks made standing in line practically non existent.

I only wish we could have met up and had Mouse Expedition show us around the lovely Disneyland. They were a pleasure to work with and extremely affordable for the work he did for us. If you have $25 to spend, skip the extra Mickey ears and buy Mouse Expedition’s touring plan! You will be glad you did.

Thank you Mouse Expedition! Our trip was fabulous.
— Patricia
We used Mouse Expedition for Disneyland and California adventure. Our guide made for a stress free fun experience. We met him in the morning, handed over our tickets and he took care of the rest. He got all of our fast passes and our longest line was 13 minutes AND it was Spring Break weekend. WOW!! We plan on using his services again. It was worth every penny!
— Suzy