We heard about Mouse Expedition from friends back in NZ. We figured if we were going to fly half way around the world to go to Disneyland then we may as way do it right, so decided to enlist their In-Person services.
Best decision ever!
Our Guide has a PHD / black belt in Disneyland and has all the little tricks / tips that you need to have the most stress free day ever in the Magic Kingdom.
We have three kids (13 / 11 and 9) the young fella has a few special needs and couldn’t go on some of the “big boy” rides. Mouse Expedition created an itinerary that catered for us all and we pretty much nailed every major ride in both parks in one day. We have the next day to ride the ones we loved again.
If you haven’t got a lot of time / want to fit more into your day then Mouse Expeditions is for you. I don’t think we spent more than 20-25 mins in any line. Radiator Springs Racers was a 2.5 hr wait when we were there!
For me, this made the day stress free, as instead of trying (miserably) to figure out what long queue to put my family into next, We just left ourselves in our guides expert hands.
The tips they left us with leave us confident of nailing our second day at both parks.
Great bloke. Great value. Great day.
— Gower Family
Using Mouse Expedition made the whole day run smoothly. We had 10 in our party (4 adults and 6 kids ages 8-2) so there was a lot of variability in what everyone wanted to do. Our guide made sure to find out things we didn’t want to miss. For us that was a meet and greet with Mickey for my 2 year olds birthday. I grew up in so cal and going to Disneyland and I’ve never done this. The line is always so long. They knew the park and the system so well that he had us from ride to ride right after the other and walking right into the fast pass line. Very minimal wait times on a busy summer Saturday. I’ve never been on so many rides in a day, especially with six little kids!! We even had passes at the end of the night we didn’t use. Highly recommend!!! (Just not on the day we want to use them next!)
— Megan
We had an amazing time at Disneyland with our 3 young kids, thanks to Mouse Expedition!
I can’t recommend them enough. We were in Disneyland for 3 days over the busy holiday season, and we got to see and do so much that we wouldn’t have gotten to do without our guides help and guidance. They went above and beyond and helped us plan out our final day in the park as well. If you are considering using a guide for Disneyland, don’t hesitate to contact Mouse Expedition. Worth every penny. You will have a fantastic and memorable time!! Thanks
— Eileen
Excellent guidance! Our Guide listened to what we wanted and planned accordingly. He was there when we needed help and went above and beyond to ensure our happiness. It’s amazing how many rides we went on with very little waiting. We also experienced a great dinner with his help. It was an amazing and magical day that lived up to our high expectations! I would use Mouse Expedition again 100 times over!
— Michelle
Mouse Expedition was recommended by a friend. Even though we had been to Disneyland on multiple occasions, we decided to use their In-Person Service and it was worth every penny. There were 12 people in our group ranging in age from 7-87 and we were at the Disney parks for three days between Christmas and New Years. They coordinated our schedule and fast passes and we were able to ride everything we wanted (sometimes two or three times). This was at a time when the park stopped selling tickets because the park was so crowded. If you want to maximize your time at Disneyland, I would highly recommend using Mouse Expedition and their In-Person Services.
— Janice
We are not big Disney aficionados, and we had no interest in reading the 4-inch-thick books on how to plan a Disney vacation; but, we also wanted an efficient plan that maximized fun, minimized headaches, and assuaged our fears of whining children and claustrophobic lines. Mouse Expedition was the perfect solution for our May trip to Disneyland.

From the moment the guide met us at the entrance, he told us exactly where we needed to be, when, and the best way to get there. He met us at ride exits with our stroller and ushered us to our next destination. He managed our Fast Passes efficiently and secured Max Passes for us, a benefit we did not even know we needed but used to our full advantage. We were constantly moving, never waited longer than 10 minutes for any ride, and even rode some popular rides more than once.

Mouse Expedition guided us all morning until after lunch, when he gave us instructions for the remainder of the day and then left the park. But even though he was physically gone, he continued to use his app to book us on rides into the night, keeping us updated by text. Everything went smoothly.

Even though we were constantly on the go, we never felt rushed or under pressure. The pace was perfect for us and our three children (10, 7, and 4), though we would strongly recommend a portable umbrella stroller for younger children. Our Guide gave us our space to enjoy our time together as a family, yet he managed to always be right where we needed him to be when we needed him there and was very helpful as another pair of hands.

We were so impressed with our day at Disneyland that we hired them to guide us through California Adventure Park the next day. They did not disappoint! We rode a few rides over and over, waited a minimal amount of time for the Guardians of the Galaxy ride, and even rode the coveted Cars Racers twice! At our Guides leading, we enjoyed some attractions while everyone else was securing their curb spots for the parade. We were sure we had missed it, but we did what Mouse Expedition said anyway, and WOW. It worked perfectly! We came right off our last ride and walked right over to get a wonderful view of the parade just as it started down the street near the end of the route.

We know that we have Mouse Expedition to thank for our fond memories of our Disney vacation. We would not change a thing, and we know we would not say that if we had tried to plan our days ourselves. Disneyland is not worth doing if you cannot do it with Mouse Expedition!
— Jeremy