Why do I need an itinerary or escort? 

With the Standard Itinerary you will get a detailed breakdown on what to do and at what time. It will be created to fit your own trip to the Disneyland Resort. This is the perfect option for the guest that have been to Disneyland or California Adventure numerous times in the past.

The Deluxe Expedition option (opening + 5 hours) is for the guests that would like a Fastpass collector. However, we will also be able to give you some tips on what to do while we're collecting and when we leave at the end of the day.

The Premium Expedition option (opening + last night show) would be for the guest that want the best experience possible. The guide will make sure you experience every attraction you want to see, with minimal wait times, and be able to secure the best spots for the parades and night shows that you want to see.

How does payment work?

Payment for the Deluxe Expedition option:

To confirm your date of the Deluxe Expedition and become a "Guaranteed Experience" you will need to pay $50 to our PayPal account to pre-book. The remaining payment will need to be made a couple of days before your visit date. 

Payment for the Premium Expedition option:

To confirm your date of the Full Day Expedition and become a "Guaranteed Experience" you will need to pay $50 to our PayPal account to pre-book. The remaining payment will need to be made a couple of days before your visit date.

What if I need to cancel the scheduled experience?

Once you make the initial payment to our Paypal account you are considered as a Guaranteed Experience. Please remember that once you are a Guaranteed Experience we may have to turn away potential guests that may ask for the same date and experience. If you cancel then it hurts our business and the potential of escorting other guests on the same date. 

If a cancellation happens when you are a Guaranteed Experience you will not receive your pre-book Payment back.

Note: This does not include the rescheduling of expeditions, unless the rescheduling date is already booked.

Is gratuity or meals included in the expedition price

A tip or meal is never expected from the guest, but if a guest feels that our services warrant such a friendly gesture we would accept. 

Do you use a Guest Assistance Card to get us to the front of the lines?

Mouse Expedition does not use this method during our visit. We personally find this practice unacceptable and unnecessary since some simple planning can get you through the lines fairly quickly on its own. However, if our guests need a GAC or Disability Pass we will have no problem helping you attain one and make sure you get through the parks with no problem.

Will you save my spot in line for all of the Disney attractions?

Mouse Expedition does not save your spot in line for any attraction. We have a system in place where we know which attraction you should be at based on the time of day. There are no guarantees, but we would be surprised if you ever have to wait longer than 30 minutes for any attraction at the Disneyland Resort.

What are your Expeditions like?

Visit our friends at Fresh Baked Disney on YouTube to get an idea how much can be done during our Deluxe Expedition... Click Part 1 and Part 2Also subscribe to their YouTube page to get the latest information from the Disneyland Resort in video form.

Is it better to take your Expedition on a Weekday or Weekend?

Our expedition experiences are good for any day of the week or holiday at the Disneyland Resort. However, our availability is very limited on the weekdays, while we have more availability on the weekends.

Do you offer Expeditions for any other theme parks in California (ex. Universal Studios, Knott's Berry Farm, Magic Mountain, etc...)?

At this time we do not offer experiences to other theme parks in California, but we are willing to give you advice. If you have any questions you can email us at mouseexpedition@gmail.com.

Do you offer transportation services to and from the airports or theme parks?

We are in the process of setting up a transportation option. Please reach out to us for more information.

Please open and fill out the form below if you are interested in receiving more information regarding our services. Thank you


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