Prices (does not include your entry into Disneyland or California Adventure):

Deluxe Expedition: The price for this option is $200 for one park. An additional fee of $50 will be added if you would like to visit both parks in one day. You will have a personal escort at your side to show you around the park while collecting Fastpasses for you to use throughout the day (Opening + 5 hours). Payment can be made via PayPal and requires a pre-book fee of $50 with the remaining payment being paid a couple of days before your visit date. This option is for the guest who would like to start their day at the parks in the best way possible. 

Special Note:  If your expedition date falls on December 19th through the January 1st the price for this option goes up to $250 for one park, plus $50 if you decide to park hop.

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